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Corechair Light

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- Patented 'core' 360° Tilt Mechanism



- Complete 360° Movement And Core Engagement



- Sculpted Foam Seat Relieves Pressure Points



- Stabiliser Backrest Hugs Top Of Pelvis



- Seat Height Adjustment



- Seat Depth Adjustment



- 8 Year Warranty



- Neat™ Certified - Continuous Low Intensity Movement




Your custom CoreChair is made to order for you and cannot be cancelled once manufacturing has commenced. These products are non returnable unless damaged or faulty. 


Once your order has been confirmed with the factory, we'll contact you with an exact chair build and delivery timeframe.


We are working hard to make sure that our products are delivered to you as quickly as possible, however due to the effects of Covid-19 and Brexit, there may be delays in receiving your order. Please allow some extra time for delivery of your order during busier periods.



The revolutionary new CoreChair will help keep you active and in shape every day in the office. 


The Corechair’s patented mechanism allows 3D movement through a 360 degree tilt function. This encourages the user to stay upright by activating their muscles, which encourages continuous micro-movements without any conscious effort, helping to prevent poor posture and back issues while gently strengthening the skeletal muscles. 


Active sitting on CoreChair boosts blood circulation, activates and strengthens the stabilising muscles of the torso, and prevents the many negative risk factors of inactivity and static sitting that can do enormous harm to your health in the long-term. With the CoreChair Light, the movement resistance is fixed at the lightest setting, the most popular amongst current users. This lowers the cost of the chair to a more affordable price-point, whilst still offering full flexibility and health benefits of the Corechair concept.


CoreChair’s sculpted seat is also shaped for optimal weight distribution, neutralising key pressure points on the body and providing all-day comfort and support. The pelvic support cushion is crafted from memory foam so that it moulds to your body and realigns your pelvis for a balanced spine. 


Regular movement is required for a healthy musculoskeletal system, which is why CoreChair allows for gentle movement - it stimulates blood flow, mobilises the joints, hydrates the vertebral discs and strengthens core muscles. A university study found that participants who used a CoreChair adopted a more upright posture, experienced less back pain and stiffness, and have enhanced blood flow when compared to sitting in a more traditional office chair.


Healthy sitting has never been so much fun. The revolutionary design of the CoreChair helps you to remain active and in shape at work without compromising comfort. Numerous independent studies and thousands of inspired users are effective evidence of the design. Do something for your health over the long term and invest in a CoreChair!


The CoreChair is the creation of Patrick Harrison. The ergonomics expert drew on his decades of experience in the development of special seating for rehabilitation and prevention and incorporated it into this ingenious chair for everyone. The CoreChair mobilises you, improves blood circulation and helps you to be more relaxed and efficient. Every day, all day long. Independent research studies, allied healthcare professionals, and thousands of very satisfied CoreChair users, demonstrate the efficacy and health benefits of this unique patented design.


Founded in 1980, Viasit stands as a leading innovator of workplace furnishings and have won many awards for their creations. Viasit’s design focus is always firmly on people and their need for comfort, ergonomics and aesthetically pleasing surroudings.


At Viasit, good design is certainly not for show. It is a question of achieving the optimal blend of form, material, and function and ensuring products are intuitive to use, provide long service, and deliver high quality.



All-round movable 3D mechanics (up to 14 ° inclination angle)

Seat height adjustment - 430 - 490 mm

Seat width - 490mm

Seat depth adjustment - 420-460mm


diameter ø 650 mm




8 years