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BMA Axia 2.0 (Custom)

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Your custom BMA chair is made to order for you and cannot be cancelled once manufacturing has commenced. These products are non returnable unless damaged or faulty. 


Please note: Certain fabric and component selections may incur longer lead times. Once your order has been confirmed with the factory, we'll contact you with an exact chair build and delivery timeframe.


Extensive fabric collections are available but may also incur longer lead times. Free fabric swatches are available on request. Please contact us if you are unsure of colours, designs, or if you want more fabric options.


We are working hard to make sure that our products are delivered to you as quickly as possible, however due to the effects of Covid-19 and Brexit, there may be delays in receiving your order.



The Axia 2.0 series is not just a chair that helps you achieve a relaxed and healthy posture. It is a complete and sophisticated seating system that brings together a wide array of expertise in the field of ergonomics, technology and sustainability. A system that makes users more aware of their posture when seated and actively supports them. This is ergonomics at their finest.


An ergonomic Axia 2.0 office chair has direct benefits, providing focused support for back, neck, pelvis as well as arms and shoulders to prevent pain caused by prolonged sitting or sitting in a bad posture. Axia 2.0 ergonomic office chairs simply promote a healthier way of working, giving an incredible return on investment.


It is important that the chair is properly adjusted to ensure that the spine is supported. Whether it comes to height or seat depth adjustment, seat or backrest angle – the adjustment of the Axia 2.0 is simple and intuitive. Thanks to well-designed levers it is almost impossible to set up the chair incorrectly. Due to the modular construction of the Axia 2.0 there is a suitable seating solution for everyone, even if a user has special requirements.


The optional ‘Smart Active App’ system specially developed for this chair acts as your personal coach giving you direct feedback, cues and tips to help you work healthier and smarter. It is a complete and innovative seating system that brings together all our expertise in the field of ergonomics, technology and sustainability.


This smart technology is built into the chair and monitors the sitting behaviour of the user to give feedback. Sensors in the seat cushion register your sitting behaviour and provide real-time tips and suggestions to guide you and optimise your sitting posture and overall working routine. This cutting-edge feature offers incredible value for your health long-term.


all you have to do is install the free app on your smartphone and pair it with the signal from your chair. After setting up a personal chair profile, you receive individual feedback, both via vibrations in the seat cushion and via the Smart Active app. The app provides practical and original tips for a more active and more dynamic work routine. This way you are encouraged to get the best out of your working day.


The Axia 2.0 series of ergonomic office chairs has been honoured in 2014 with three international prestigious awards, namely the IF Award, the Red Dot Design Award and the Fira Ergonomics Excellence Award.


The concepts of ergonomics and sustainability are embedded in BMA’s genes. The Axia office chair is not only an ergonomic chair but also a sustainable chair. BMA paid great attention to choosing sustainable materials as well as reliable and honest suppliers. The Axia is designed in such a way so that materials, at the end of its useful life, can be easily separated and then used again. All components of the Axia chair is replaceable and interchangeable, mean you can upgrade and/or sustain the lifespan of your chair considerably.


“BMA Ergonomics has been working for decades to improve your seated posture at work. In fact, it is our mission.” As already established, BMA set out as a Biomechanical Consultancy in 1988. The realisation that there were only a few good ergonomics office chairs on the market, led to the development of the, already proven and successful, Axia office chair. The development of the Axia was based on the vision and expertise of scientists, physicians, occupational health specialists and designers.


“At BMA Ergonomics, we combine our knowledge and expertise in the field of ergonomics and biomechanics with technology and sustainability. We study the constantly changing workplace and understand the wishes and requirements of the individual office worker and users of 24/7 chairs. An Axia with Smart Technology makes users more aware of their posture and provides active support. It is our mission to improve the posture of office workers and to ensure that everyone learns to adopt a healthier way of working.”




SEAT (standard)

width - 480mm

depth - 470mm

thickness - 60mm

seat height - 400-550mm

seat angle - +5°/-14°

depth adjustment - 380-480mm


width - 350-450mm

height - 470mm

thickness - 80mm

height adjustment - 170-230mm


width - 350-460mm

height - 540mm

thickness - 80mm

height adjustment - 170-230mm


width - 350-460mm

height - 560mm

thickness - n/a (mesh)

height adjustment - 170-230mm


B mechanism - none

A mechanism - 15°

D mechanism - 15°


height - 200-310mm


2.3 - 18.5kg

2.4 - 19.0kg

2.5 - 19.0kg


10 years