Ergonomic Office Chairs

Welcome to our ergonomic office chair range. We proudly offer our customers some of the best office chairs available in the UK, all of which are premium ergonomic chairs. These ergonomic chairs are thoughtfully designed, and follow the real science of ergonomics and the human anatomy. They are fully optimized to work for your body, boosting your health and performance.
We hand-picked our collection to ensure that we only offer the very best in quality and user benefit. We sought out some of the worlds industry-leading brands and ergonomic specialists that understand the importance of chair ergonomics for seated work. These are REAL ergonomic chairs that have been painstakingly designed in fine detail to extract the greatest level of benefit for the user. 
Using a real ergonomic office chair for the first time can highlight just how bad your current chair is. The lack of support a basic chair offers can quickly lead to fatigue, aches and pains, muscle tension, headaches and feeling drained at the end of your work day.
Some of these task chairs we offer were originally exclusive to business projects pre-Covid 19, however these performance chairs have now been made available to your personal workstation and home office needs.

Why Do I Need An Ergonomic Chair?

The chair is the most important part of the your workspace because its job is to support your body while you work. If you are sitting uncomfortably in your chair or in a fixed position for extended periods of time, you are unknowingly siphoning your own energy, concentration and long-term health.                                                                 
The adverse health effects that come with seated work and sedentary living is shocking. If you are working full-time sat at your desk with bad posture everyday, your health is openly at greater risk to many complications down the road. Maybe you sit with your ankles crossed. Maybe you sit with one leg over the other. Sitting in these types of positions regularly is unknowingly costing you.                                                            
Numerous studies now have highlighted some of the more significant adverse effects from sedentary work:

⁃ Greater all-cause mortality                                   
- Premature death                                   
⁃ Cardiovascular disease                                   
⁃ Greater risk of Cancer                                   
⁃ Metabolic diseases such as Diabetes and Hypertension                                  
⁃ Musculoskeletal diseases, including lower back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, Osteoporosis           
⁃ Decreased blood flow and oxygen levels, which means lower brain cognition                   
⁃ Posture imbalances                                      
⁃ Chronic fatigue                                                 
Many studies in the past have even concluded that sedentary work and living is worse for you than smoking, if you can believe that…   

How Can I Avoid This?

Our mission is to help spread the word that there is an easy fix available that will move you away from these ailments. You just need to find the right partner to support you.
Our ergonomic desk chairs are created by industry-leading ergonomic specialists that understand this and design their chairs to work with the human body, so instead of working for your chair, your chair WORKS FOR YOU.
So what does this mean for you? It means:
⁃ More energy                                       
⁃ Better concentration                                       
⁃ Increased productivity                                       
⁃ Improved blood flow and brain cognition                                       
⁃ Better posture and musculoskeletal health                                       
⁃ No more aches and pains                                   
⁃ Better mood                                       
⁃ Overall greater health and longevity.                                       
Whether you need an office chair with lumbar support for a bad back, or you just want all the amazing health benefits that a posture chair offers, we’ve got you covered here.